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2018 2019 2020 2021 5 2022 2023
January 48,354 (1,560/day) 50,444 (1,627/day) 15,057 (486/day) 17,055 (550/day) 32,481 (1,048/day)
February 45,000 (1,607/day)2 48,028 (1,656/day)3 13,344 (477/day) 18,454 (659/day) 31,188 (1,114/day)
March 50,000 (1,613/day)2 27,447 (885/day) 18,321 (591/day) 25,843 (834/day) 36,307 (1,171/day)
April 55,657 (1,855/day) 7,285 (243/day) 17,070 (610/day)4 23,972 (799/day) 37,738 (1,258/day)
May 62,937 (2,030/day) 9,762 (315/day) 20,806 (671/day) 25,537 (824/day) 41,627 (1,343/day)
June 71,367 (2,379/day) 14,947 (498/day) 24,691 (823/day)6 30,910 (1,030/day) 50,293 (1,676/day)
July 103,625 (3,343/day) 17,110 (552/day) 28,576 (922/day) 48,433 (1,562/day) 65,749 (2,121/day)
August 80,113 (2,584/day) 19,310 (623/day) 33,145 (1,069/day) 40,319 (1,301/day) 47,552 (1,534/day)
September 66,986 (2,233/day) 18,796 (627/day) 37,606 (1,254/day) 38,607 (1,287/day) 31,246 (1,359/day)7
October 62,010 (2,000/day) 18,479 (596/day) 33,313 (1,075/day) 36,590 (1,180/day) 41,176 (1,328/day)8
November 80,361 (2,459/day)1 52,998 (1,767/day) 14,339 (478/day) 30,408 (1,014/day) 33,039 (1,101/day) 39,232 (1,308/day)
December 76,131 (2,456/day) 61,274 (1,977/day) 15,356 (495/day) 28,833 (930/day) 33,348 (1,076/day) 39,856 (1,286/day)

The Hop streetcars are equipped with Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) equipment to record actual boarding data. Each door on the vehicle is equipped with three sensors that emit a beam of infrared light. Each time the beam is broken the APC system records it as a passenger. The three sensors are spaced so that the order in which the beams are broken determines if a passenger is boarding or exiting - only the boarding totals are included in the final ridership counts. APC systems are becoming standard equipment in the transit industry.

1 Daily ridership for November, 2018 does not include the 16,413 passengers during the grand opening weekend.
2 Ridership data for February and March, 2019, is estimated due to a malfunction of the APC system.
3 Monthly ridership for February, 2020 is prorated based on data from Feb. 1-14 due to a wayside server malfunction.
4 Service was suspended April 12-13, 2021 to accommodate a water main repair. The daily ridership figure reflects 28 days of service during the month.
5 Due to a transmitter issue, Vehicle 1 was not communicating with the wayside server from late December 2020 through April 2021. As a result, previous 2021 ridership reports did not reflect ridership on Vehicle 1. The transmitter has since been repaired and ridership figures have been updated to include the data from Vehicle 1.
6 Ridership in June 2021 is estimated due to a ransomware attack that affected the server that receives APC data. Actions have been taken to provide server backup mechanisms to avoid future data loss.
7 Service was suspended Sept. 1-7, 2023 to accommodate a water main repair. A bus serviced the route Sept. 5-7, 2023. The ridership figure for the month reflects streetcar passengers only, and the daily ridership figure reflects only the 23 days of service from Sept. 8-30, 2023.
8 Due to an APC malfunction, Vehicle 5 did not transmit data from Oct. 13-17, 2023, and Vehicle 1 did not transmit data on Oct. 27, 2023. Ridership figures on those dates are estimated based on the data obtained from the other in-service vehicles on the same day.

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