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Code of Conduct

Please exercise common courtesy so that our streetcars remain safe, clean and appealing.


  • Respect your fellow passengers and the streetcar operator, and obey all reasonable requests from The Hop and City of Milwaukee officials
  • Report any suspicious activity to the operator
  • Stand clear of the platform edge when waiting for The Hop, and allow passengers to exit before boarding
  • Wear headphones if using any audio devices on board
  • Leave the fold-down seating area for the elderly or those with disabilities, and offer your seat to those in greater need
  • Hold the handrails if you’re standing, and hold on to small children who are traveling with you
  • Wear a shirt and shoes at all times
  • Limit your ride to no more than one round trip along the entire route at a single time


  • Be disruptive (including running, jumping, pushing or throwing objects) or use vulgar language
  • Smoke (including e-cigarettes), use drugs, litter or spit on the streetcars or platforms
  • Eat or drink on the streetcar, with the exception of covered, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Bring on board weapons or other dangerous materials, including flammable liquids
  • Bring more than you can carry on board — personal belongings shouldn’t take up extra seats or clog the aisles
  • Solicit money, sell goods/services or distribute items or literature on the vehicles or at the platforms
  • Lie down or put your feet up on the seats
  • Board while wearing rollerblades or roller skates
  • Bring animals on board other than service animals as defined by the ADA or small pets contained in a cage or crate that can fit in your lap (exceptions may apply)
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