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The Hop connects Milwaukeeans with their homes, jobs, entertainment destinations and each other. The Hop can also connect brands with customers and businesses with opportunities.

Our route traverses some of the most dynamic and fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city, and our sleek, modern vehicles appeal to the young professionals fueling our growth, the influx of visitors increasingly recognizing Milwaukee’s place as a world-class destination, the long-time residents with a sense of nostalgia for the city’s rich transit history, and the wide-eyed youth who will be our future.

The Hop is a truly unique asset and presents a wide range of activation possibilities to make your next meaningful connection. We invite you to hop on board!

The Hop route spans 2.5 miles from Milwaukee's Intermodal Station through the Historic Third Ward and East Town to Burns Commons at the tip of the City's Lower East Side.

Throughout that downtown corridor you'll find:

+30,000 downtown higher
education students

+90,000 downtown

+9,500 new housing units
(since 2010)

+2,970 new hotel rooms
(since 2010)

+42,000 downtown

+$71 million annual nighttime
economy spending

+$46 billion new development
(since 2010)

Wrapped streetcar


Streetcar station


From car wraps to station advertising, we offer a variety of opportunities for businesses and organizations to partner with The Hop to expand their visibility in this bustling heart of the City. Have your own idea for partnering with The Hop? We want to hear it!

Streetcar Interior & Exterior Wraps

Pricing starts at $10,000/month*

Wrapping The Hop offers advertisers a one-of-a-kind canvas to present your brand to the vibrant downtown community. Each wrap is customized for high impact results and can be complemented by activation activities for the duration of the promotion.

*Note: Wrap pricing does not include production, installation and removal fees.

Station Wraps

Pricing starts at $2,000/month*

Visible to streetcar riders, pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicle traffic, The Hop stations are a great way to reach the many residents, visitors, tourists and employees of our ever-expanding downtown.


Ogden at Astor EB

Ogden at Astor WB

Jackson at Juneau NB

Jackson at Juneau SB

Ogden/Jackson EB

Ogden/Jackson WB

St. Paul at Plankinton EB

St. Paul at Plankinton WB


Burns Commons


Wisconsin Ave NB

Wisconsin Ave SB

City Hall NB

City Hall SB


Cathedral Square EB

Cathedral Square WB

Historic Third Ward EB

Historic Third Ward WB

*Note: Station wrap pricing does not include production, installation and removal fees.

Route Map:

Streetcar Vehicles

Streetcar Stations

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