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A new way to connect to your audience

At its core, The Hop is about creating connections. It’s about helping Milwaukeeans connect with their homes, jobs, entertainment destinations and each other. Those little connections, layered upon each other, bring people together and create a more vibrant community.

The Hop can also connect brands with customers and businesses with opportunities. Our route traverses some of the most dynamic and fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city, and our sleek, modern vehicles appeal to the young professionals fueling our growth, the influx of visitors increasingly recognizing Milwaukee’s place as a world-class destination, the long-time residents with a sense of nostalgia for the city’s rich transit history, and the wide-eyed youth who will be our future.

The Hop is a truly unique asset and presents a wide range of activation possibilities to make your next meaningful connection. We invite you to hop on board!  

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Customizable Opportunites

The only limit to activating on The Hop is our shared creativity. From vehicle wraps to station sponsorships and on-board events to social media promotions, we can leverage and customize our unique assets to help you build meaningful connections with your customers. And if you have a fun idea we haven’t thought of, we want to hear it!

Kiosk Advertising

Coming in 2020, The Hop will have digital, interactive kiosks on each streetcar platform (as well as in other high-traffic downtown locations). Check back soon to learn about this unique and affordable opportunity to connect with our riders.

Partner with the Hop

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