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The Hop’s Festivals Line is currently replacing the M-Line and L-Line. Click here to learn more.

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How to Hop


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No tickets or vouchers of any kind are needed. Just hop on and hop off to connect with jobs, entertainment, dining and more!


Hours of Hoperation

The Hop will be operating according to the following schedule:

Monday through Friday

5 AM to 12 AM


7AM to 12 AM


7 AM to 10 PM

Vehicles arrive every 15 minutes during peak times and every 20 minutes during off-peak hours and weekends. The complete schedule of operation can be found here.

Real-Time Arrival Info

The Hop has rolled out a new real-time solution designed to improve the rider experience for streetcar users. The TransLoc Rider service, developed by TransLoc – an industry leader in transit technology – offers a host of rider amenities including real-time positioning of all streetcars along the route, next vehicle arrival time estimates for each station, the ability to receive alerts when a vehicle is nearing a particular station and a platform for providing system alerts when service is impacted or delayed.

The free TransLoc Rider app is available for iOS devices on iTunes here, or for Android devices via Google Play here. Upon launching the app, users should select “M-Line: Burns Commons to Intermodal Station” as the selected route. Vehicle location information can also be accessed via the web on either desktop or mobile platforms at Additionally, riders can access arrival information via SMS by texting HOPMKE [Station Code] to 41411 (station codes can be found by clicking on the map in the link above).


The Hop is accessible to persons of all abilities.

The passenger doors are extra wide and the floor of the streetcar is level with the platform at the stations, allowing easy access for wheeled vehicles such wheelchairs, scooters, personal shopping carts, bicycles, strollers and rolling luggage. There is no need for a ramp. On board, the streetcars have level floor areas with substantial standing areas that can be used by wheelchairs. Wheelchairs and other mobility devices don’t need to be secured on the streetcar, but please use the designated area and set your brake.

People using wheelchairs and other mobility devices should cross the tracks at a right angle as wheels can get caught in the tracks.

The vehicles feature audio announcements and visual aids such as Braille and designated seating for individuals with disabilities.

Service animals are permitted if they are specially trained to perform work or a task because of the owner’s disability.


Please exercise common courtesy so that our streetcars remain safe, clean and appealing.


  • Respect your fellow passengers and the streetcar operator, and obey all reasonable requests from The Hop and City of Milwaukee officials
  • Report any suspicious activity to the operator
  • Stand clear of the platform edge when waiting for The Hop, and allow passengers to exit before boarding
  • Wear headphones if using any audio devices on board
  • Leave the fold-down seating area for the elderly or those with disabilities, and offer your seat to those in greater need
  • Hold the handrails if you’re standing, and hold on to small children who are traveling with you
  • Wear a shirt and shoes at all times
  • Limit your ride to no more than one round trip along the entire route at a single time


  • Be disruptive (including running, jumping, pushing or throwing objects) or use vulgar language
  • Smoke (including e-cigarettes), use drugs, litter or spit on the streetcars or platforms
  • Eat or drink on the streetcar, with the exception of covered, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Bring on board weapons or other dangerous materials, including flammable liquids
  • Bring more than you can carry on board — personal belongings shouldn’t take up extra seats or clog the aisles
  • Solicit money, sell goods/services or distribute items or literature on the vehicles or at the platforms
  • Lie down or put your feet up on the seats
  • Board while wearing rollerblades or roller skates
  • Bring animals on board other than service animals as defined by the ADA or small pets contained in a cage or crate that can fit in your lap (exceptions may apply)

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