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Get To Know Your Operator

The first class of operators has become certified to operate The Hop. The group participated in an intensive months-long program that covered all of the intricacies of the Brookville Liberty Modern Streetcars. From standard operating procedures to customer service, these men and women are now experts on the vehicles, the route and the services passengers will enjoy beginning this fall. Each week we’ll be spotlighting one operator for The Hop and sharing their unique stories.


Randy Brown Sr.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m a homegrown Milwaukeean. I grew up on the north side in the Rufus King neighborhood.

Where did you graduate high school:

Messmer High School

Where did you work prior to joining The Hop:

I have 20 years of hair cutting and cosmetology experience. I worked for Gee’s Clippers for many years – I was with him when he started his shop.

Why did you decide to pursue an operator position with The Hop:

I had been hearing about the possibility of us getting the streetcar for a while. My dad actually followed it a lot closer than I did. I had moved away for a few years but when I came back it was my dad who told me to come down here and fill out an application. He explained what it was and thought it’d be a good opportunity. When I got the job, I was overwhelmingly excited. I’m getting to be a part of history for the city.

Why do you think public transportation is important:

There are a lot of people in Milwaukee who may not have their own vehicles but they still need a way to be able to get around and take care of things that are necessities to them. It provides independence for people. It also gives people another way to enjoy our city.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job:

Just seeing the people. Seeing people out and about and enjoying downtown is great. I’m the kind of person that likes to interact with people. There are so many people who are so interested in this project and it’s gratifying to meet them.

What is your favorite destination along the route:

Definitely the Milwaukee Public Market. It’s beautiful. The food, the atmosphere, it just screams Milwaukee.

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