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Get To Know Your Operator

The first class of operators has become certified to operate The Hop. The group participated in an intensive months-long program that covered all of the intricacies of the Brookville Liberty Modern Streetcars. From standard operating procedures to customer service, these men and women are now experts on the vehicles, the route and the services passengers will enjoy beginning this fall. Each week we’ll be spotlighting one operator for The Hop and sharing their unique stories.


Ariane Nelson


Chicago, Illinois

Where did you graduate high school:

Madison University High School on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Where did you work prior to joining The Hop:

Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado.

Why did you decide to pursue an operator position with The Hop:

This is exciting. It’s something new for the city. I began following the project after I first heard about it while I was still in Colorado. It also gives me a great opportunity to be around family again. I was able to come back home.

Why do you think public transportation is important:

It improves the community. It can show you how diverse we are as a city. You might get to ride next to someone you normally wouldn’t meet or speak to. It also provides a convenient way for people to get around the city.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job:

Given that we’re just starting up, I’ve enjoyed being able to teach others what I’ve learned as we’ve gone through the training.

What is your favorite destination along the route:

The Public Market is definitely the highlight of the route for me.

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