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New Festivals Line in service June 16 through July 6. Click here to learn more.

New ‘Festivals Line’ Debuts for Summerfest

The Hop will pilot a new service during this year’s Summerfest. The “Festivals Line” is a combination of the existing M-Line and L-Line, with all vehicles serving the full route and making it even easier for passengers along the entire route – regardless of where they board – to reach the Lakefront stop and its convenient access to the festival grounds without the need to transfer.

The “Festivals Line” will replace The Hop’s existing operations from Sunday, June 16 through Saturday, July 6. During these three weeks, The Hop will still operate during the same hours as usual, with extended service until 1 a.m. during each night of Summerfest. Rather than having three streetcars on the M-Line and one on the L-Line, the “Festivals Line” will see all four in-service vehicles serving the entire route. Northbound vehicles will deviate from the traditional M-Line route to include the loop east on Michigan, through the Couture Transit Concourse and back west on Clybourn before resuming north towards Burns Commons, while southbound vehicles from Burns Commons will proceed along the regular M-Line route. Headways for all stations along the route will be approximately 15 minutes during peak hours. Since all vehicles will serve all stations, passengers can board at any stop along the route and reach the Lakefront station without needing to transfer.

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